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DU Meter 5.01 Build R3220

DU Meter 5.01 Build R3220 DU Meter 5.01 Build R3220

So what actually makes the DU Meter? Very simply - shows how much potential bandwidth of your internet connection is actually used at any given time, displaying it in graphs and numerical values. This allows you to actually see the data! Interface, and settings from the previous version have been significantly redesigned and improved, a number of new features. Now, besides the main plot has a mini-mode with only digits upload / download. Switching between them takes place by double-clicking, both graphics can be attached to different parts of the screen. For Windows Vista Sidebar appeared appropriate built-in gadgets. Configuring Updates DU Meter comfortable and well thought, a few clicks you can configure the program for themselves, setting the units of measurement, the scale on the basis of preset speed and degree of over-scale (10-30 percent) for clarity.
A graph may be variable within wide limits: clarity, color, refresh rate, auto-hide when there is no traffic, etc. The same settings are selected and two types of notifications for achieving a given quantity of traffic for some time (with the ability to send notifications by e-mail ). I am glad the function of preserving the database backup in case you reinstall your system, and the user is free to remove the "extra" in his view, the records database. Worth only regret the lack of basic color schemes for graphics. The statistics module is the traditional report on hours / days / months / years with the possibility of constructing the corresponding graphs, however, with the exception of the schedule for the current day, they are not very clear. There is a curious feature of the resulting predictions of traffic per week / month based on current indicators. Available to export reports to one of the most popular formats (TXT, HTML, XML, RTF, XLS, PDF), as well as automatic generation of a preset period of time. You can launch several "stopwatches" to measure between clicks Start / Stop the transferred data volume, average and maximum transmission rates. We would like to specify a module network connections, allowing to see the process involved the specific compounds, port, remote address and state, as well as a list of open ports by different applications. In some cases, the module will be very useful for determining the "incomprehensible" traffic - which program caused it and what address is sending or receiving information.

DU Meter 5.01 Build R3220 Rus tested on Windows 7.
Year: 2010 Platform: Windows Language: English Size: 5 MB
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