Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adobe Audition CS5.5 4.0 Build 1815 + Rus

Adobe Audition CS5.5 4.0 Build 1815 + Rus

Adobe Audition CS5.5 4.0 Build 1815 + Rus | 127 Mb

Adobe Audition - a professional tool to work with audio files, intended for specialists in the field of audio and video products. Adobe Audition offers unlimited opportunities for mixing, editing, creating master copies and processing of sound effects. The product combines the flexibility of the process with the utmost ease of use and allows you to create a variety of audio products of the highest quality. Adobe Audition - a complete recording studio equipped with a flexible and easy to use tools.

A new version of the product features a tighter compatibility with applications from third-party vendors, as well as a host of new features, including built-in CD burning and powerful audio effects. More flexible and precise editing and preview, as well as over 500 new audio fragments (currently over 5000) will allow you to create stunning audio. Different styles, including disco 70's, the rumba, as well as special pieces for weddings and special events.

Built-in function to create CDs. Allows you to quickly and easily create a master copy of songs without leaving the program
Technology support ReWire. Allows full audio strimat between AA and other programs that support ReWire, such as Reason and Ableton Live.
Technology support VST. Integrated support for VST plug-ins can extend through the use of effects produced by other companies that support this technology.
Frequency sound editing. The program allows you to visually select and isolate the sounds of certain frequency and length using the lasso tool in the spectral window editor, with subsequent purification, modification or treatment effects.
The adjustment in pitch sound. Function aligns false or incorrect pitch or create interesting effects by changing the height of the original sound. Has auto or manual fine tuning.
Enhanced support for video. Quickly and easily edit audio video accompaniment by the possibility of video frames in the timeline. Import of various formats including AVI, DV, MPEG and WMV
Changing the length of the audio piece on the timeline. Allows you to visually reconcile the time (start-end) audio and video fragments without changing the pitch, making it ideal for combining audio effects or dialogue with the video fragments.
Automatic removal of cod and noise. Rapid restoration of audio recorded from vinyl records, radio microphones, cameras and other sources
Removing vocals or instruments from the audio. Allows you to remove the vocals or certain instruments from the sound track to create karaoke, while preserving the stereo effect.

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